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5 Flowers to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Beds – EcoWatch

Great tips on creating the best environment for our insects! - There are insects that feed on plants and those that feed on other insects. In your garden, you want as many of the carnivores as possible so that the herbivores won't devour your crops. Unfortunately, the...

New Study Examines How Premature Babies Develop Brain Injuries

How little we still know about what goes inside our littlest ones! - ONE OF THE LEADING causes of brain injury in premature babies has been connected to low oxygen levels in cells. Yet the mechanism by which a lower level of oxygen affects the way our brains develop...

Sunscreen study finds ingredients may seep into bloodstream

This doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreen but why it's important to find one which is as natural as possible - A new study found that ingredients in sunscreens could seep into your bloodstream."It was a small study but interesting done by the FDA," said Dr....