Why it isn’t just women who need to worry about that ticking biological clock! –

Delaying fatherhood until later in life could have a negative effect on both children and mothers, new research has revealed.

Women are constantly being reminded about their biological clocks and the risks of being an older or geriatric mother (women giving birth over the age of 37). For the most part, however, men aren’t being given the same warnings.

But a new study, published in the BMJ suggests that men, who don’t have children until later, could also be subject to health risks.

The research reveals that babies born to older fathers could be more susceptible to health problems including a risk of being born prematurely, having a low birth weight, and requiring healthcare support after delivery such as assisted ventilation, admission to neonatal intensive care, or antibiotics.

What’s more, women who have children with older men may have increased health risks too, particularly gestational diabetes.

Source: Babies born to older dads have more health risks