How the interaction between parent and child is a lot more powerful than we realise! –

It is well documented that when parents use infant-directed speech, otherwise known as baby talk, it facilitates learning. Shorter sentences, simpler words, and slower more enunciated speech at a higher pitch have been proven to help signal to infants that it is time to focus, and lays the foundation for basic language. While it is studied much less, the same seems to be true with baby babbling. When babies make non-speech sounds, they are generally more attentive and capable of taking in stimuli. Translation: They’re trying to get a rise out of the world. More often than not, they’re successful.

Research suggests that as infants reach different stages in development and change how they babble, moms and dads change how they baby talk. This could mean that parents are not just influencing children, but that children are shaping their parent’s behavior as well. Other studies indicate that when babies babble at certain objects, parents are more likely to talk about that object. For instance, if a baby starts babbling at a toy cow, mom and dad are probably going to practice saying the word or cow noises or both. Either way, the kid appears to be learning something they set in motion.

Source: Baby Talk Study Translates What Babies Are Really Saying | Fatherly