Awwww….. they really are the best of us! –

Why do we humans engage in altruistic behavior, from helping neighbors to donating money to people across the globe?

This is a question that has confounded many scientists. It seems that, if our goal in life is self-preservation and passing on our genes to our children—as evolutionary biologists will tell you—then we should always make selfish choices to help ourselves first, rather than sacrificing for the benefit of others.

In response, some argue that helping others in need is only a way of feeling good ourselves. After all, we can get a quick hit of the “helper’s high”—a warm feeling activated by giving—and enjoy the gratitude of others, as well as their admiration. This view makes altruism seem, well, not so altruistic.But a new study suggests that altruism may run deeper than that. Children as young as 19 months old gave to others, even when it cost them and they received no thanks or reward.

Source: Even Hungry Babies Want to Share