A good diet is so important but supplements – unless they’re for a specific purpose – may not do the good we think they do! –

(Reuters Health) – A large Australian study is debunking the idea that fish oil capsules can lower the odds of premature delivery or raise the chances of late-pregnancy complications.

The study found virtually-identical rates of preterm delivery among 2,734 pregnancies where women were taking fish oil capsules daily and among 2,752 pregnancies where the mothers-to-be were taking vegetable oil capsules with only trace amounts of the n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids believed responsible for fish oil’s health benefits.

More babies in the fish oil group were very large for their age than in the control group, but the researchers behind the study said that finding might have been a statistical fluke.“The bottom line is, blanket supplementation will not be effective. It’s not that simple,” coauthor Karen Best, a research fellow at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute in North Adelaide told Reuters Health in a telephone interview.

Whether the supplements will help certain groups of women remains an open question. “We need to know who may or not benefit. That’s the next step,” she said.

Source: Fish oil study fails to show reduction in premature babies – Reuters