Our Mother’s Salve has been called the ‘elixir of youth’ and ‘comfort food for the skin’ by our customers, and it’s not difficult to understand why! It’s the workhorse of any mother’s skincare routine.

Designed by Nanna to be the cream she wished she’d had when she was a young mother, it contains only the finest natural organic oils and antioxidants. It keeps skin glowing naturally through the ages, and protects skin going through the stresses of childbirth for the first (or second, or third, or fourth, or…) time 🙂

Our ‘elixir of youth’ promises to nourish your skin deeply, protecting it from the major changes of childbirth and the daily stresses of modern busy lifestyles.

Here’s why this incredible salve works so well –

Camellia oil – The oldest camellia plants in the world still flower despite being over 500 years old. Its rejuvenating powers are amazing, which is why it’s the main oil in our salve.
Rosehip oil – It’s trendy at the moment, but the invigorating qualities of this ‘dry’ oil have been known since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It’s rosehip oil, free from additives and processing, which lends our salve its pinkish tinge.
Olive oil – An oil that needs no introduction. This all-rounder provides the nutrition and moisturising qualities that changing skin needs.
Olive squalane – Nature’s answer to an important element of the skin’s own sebum, olive squalane mimics it perfectly and is key to our salve’s natural absorption.
Pomegranate extract – Also used in our Mother’s Wash, pomegranate extract contains some of Nature’s most potent antioxidants!
White tea extract – Inhibiting the activity of enzymes which age our skin, white tea extract comes from very young tea leaves, picked before their buds open.

It’s a must-have on every mum (or grandmum’s!) skincare shelf. Have you tried our Mother’s Salve yet?