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Are Your Holiday Decorations Toxic? Separating Fact from Fiction

As a rule, keep them away from little mouths and wash those hands after using! - 4) Wrapping paper Wrapping paper is beautiful. That’s why we use it to wrap gifts. But the components that make it beautiful — inks, dyes, and other chemicals — also mean it has the...

8 Impressive Benefits of Purple Cabbage – EcoWatch

If you have the choice, go for purple! - 2. Boasts Powerful Plant Compounds Purple cabbage is a great source of antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds that help protect against cellular damage.Its antioxidants include vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoid...

What You Need to Know About the Food Dye in Holiday Treats 

Where those food colourings come from and why avoidance is the best move! - Each pigment affects Alex differently, Rebecca said. "So red ... he can't pay attention and he's impulsive. Green makes him manic. Blue makes him grumpy and tired. Yellow is the worst. He's...