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Child Asthma, Allergies on Rise Worldwide – Fox News

The link between industrialised, heavily populated areas of the world and asthma; and the potential causes behind the dramatic increases in asthma and allergies in children -  Monday, August 28, 2006 - There is good news and bad about worldwide trends in...

Climate Change Blamed for Rise in Asthma and Hay Fever – Times UK

Interesting possible link between climate change and asthma/hay fever -  May 13, 2007 - Climate change may be triggering a surge in cases of asthma and hay fever, according to a report by the world’s leading scientists. Earlier springs, increased pollen...

EWG’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Great tips for pregnant mums-to-be -  Environmental Working Group 2009 - The EWG guide for mums-to-be on how to reduce the exposure your developing baby gets to chemical hazards from what you eat, drink and breathe in.   Click here to download the pdf. 

Childhood Asthma Rise Remains a Puzzle – ScienceDaily

On the rise in childhood asthma -  Dec. 12, 2006 -- Nearly one in 10 American children now has asthma, a sharp rise that still has scientists searching for a cause, a CDC report concluded Tuesday. An estimated 6.5 million children under age 18 (8.9%) are now...