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Early Pesticide Exposure Linked to Increased Autism Risk – EcoWatch

Worrying news, and why we all need to take a stand on how pesticides are used - Environmental exposure to pesticides, both before birth and during the first year of life, has been linked to an increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorder, according to the...

California Is Attempting to Ban Toxic Chemicals in Makeup

Hear hear! A move in the right direction - In an attempt to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in cosmetics, California legislators are considering a bill that would completely ban the sale of makeup that use substances that could cause cancer, reproductive...

Rocking like a baby promotes better sleep in adults – BBC News

Why every home needs a hammock! - We know babies benefit from being rocked to sleep - now a study suggests it helps adults sleep better too.Researchers from the University of Geneva built a special bed that rocked gently throughout the night. They tested it on 18...