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Caring for Sensitive Skin

If you or your little one suffers from dry and sensitive skin, having the right skincare regimen is incredibly important. Here are three simple steps to a daily skincare regimen that can help soothe and protect sensitive skin

Research reveals early infant feeding could cause childhood obesity

Why being extra careful in those first months of life can have a big impact on your little one’s future health -A link between childhood obesity and early infant feeding has been uncovered by Sydney researchers. A 10-year study by Western Sydney University (WSU) found babies who were introduced to formula and solid foods in the first four months of life could be twice as likely to develop childhood obesity, the Liverpool Leader reports. The study found feeding infants formula or solids too early could put them at risk.

Squishies kids toy could be banned in Australia | The Courier-Mail

Yikes! Definitely a toy to avoid! -A POPULAR children’s toy could be banned in Australia after it was pulled from shelves in Denmark amid safety concerns over harmful chemicals. Primary school-aged kids have gone gaga for “squishies”, brightly-coloured soft-foam toys in the shape of food, animals and emojis.

Essentials to Caring for Newborn Skin

Newborn skin is tender and fragile. Its translucence is a sign of how incredibly thin it is, and having been submerged in amniotic fluid for months, being exposed to the air means it needs to learn to adjust to a completely new environment.