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Record-Breaking Heat Wave Bakes Australia – EcoWatch

If this isn't climate change, we don't know what is! - Australia is sweating through yet another record breaking heat wave, with the past four days among the country's 10 hottest days on record, the Bureau of Meteorology announced Tuesday. The town of Port Augusta in...

The Case for a Breakfast Feast – The New York Times

It really might be the most important meal of the day! - A recent review of the dietary patterns of 50,000 adults who are Seventh Day Adventists over seven years provides the latest evidence suggesting that we should front-load our calories early in the day to...

How to Make Apple Kombucha – EcoWatch

We love kombucha! A simple recipe for starting your own - Apple Kombucha Juicing your own apples will allow you to use local varieties and create a blend to your liking, but feel free to use a good-quality store-bought unfiltered apple cider; farmstands often sell...