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Study: Babies know when we’re imitating them

It's what most parents do intuitively! Why that game works - Six-month-old babies can recognise when adults are imitating them, according to a new study out of Lund University Sweden—and it turns out they like it. Infants looked and smiled longer at an adult who...

How to Wash Fruits and Vegetables: A Complete Guide – EcoWatch

Extremely helpful advice! - Global pandemic or not, properly washing fresh fruits and vegetables is a good habit to practice to minimize the ingestion of potentially harmful residues and germs. Fresh produce is handled by numerous people before you purchase it from...

Musical Babies May Be Able To Tell Tones Apart at Six Months

Why it's never too early to start banging on those drums! - There's a common belief that musicians are born with a natural ability to play music, while most of us have to work twice as hard to hear the difference between musical notes. Now, new research from...