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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Researchers at the University of California-Davis say they were able to dramatically reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant germs in breast-fed newborns’ intestines by giving them a daily dose of probiotic for just three weeks during their first month of life.

Dr. Mark Underwood, a neonatologist and senior author on the study, said he expected to see a drop in the pathogens, but he was surprised that newborns who received the probiotic had 90% fewer antibiotic-resistant bacteria than infants who were fed only breast milk.

“The intervention has to happen while the (infants’) immune system is still developing, still learning what’s foreign and what’s OK, so a baby is born with the only protection they got against disease: the antibodies they got from mom’s placenta and the antibodies they get from mom’s milk,” Underwood said.

“They don’t really make their own antibodies yet, and as they are learning how to do that, they have to recognize what’s OK versus what’s not OK. Exposing them to more good bacteria early in life is historically how the immune system is instructed.”

Source: Probiotic helps breast-fed babies beat antibiotic-resistant germs, California study says | Duluth News Tribune