The honey wars heat up! A wonderful local option in the medicinal honey arena –

The stakes have been raised in the fight by Australian beekeepers to continue to use the name ‘manuka’, after a five-year study proved our medicinal honeys are equal to, or better than, New Zealand’s.

Manuka honey, favoured for its medicinal qualities, is produced from the nectar of different species of leptospermum plants, which are native to both Australia and New Zealand.The Agrifutures-Australia-funded joint project between the University of Technology in Sydney, the Sydney University and the University of the Sunshine Coast, tested more than 5,000 honey and 2,000 nectar samples from across the nation.

It found that seven of more-than-80 Australian leptospermum species produce honey with exceptionally high levels of antibacterial activity, and many others produce honey with therapeutically-beneficial activity.

Source: Stakes raised in Australia-New Zealand rivalry over manuka honey as study finds ours is the best – ABC Rural – ABC News