Unfortunately, most of what is put on the market isn’t actually tested before it’s released! A worrying thought… –

It was still something of a mystery why so many babies had died in inclined sleepers, even after millions of the popular products were recalled for safety concerns earlier this year.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission didn’t have a good explanation. That’s one reason the agency allowed inclined sleepers, including Fisher-Price’s Rock ’n Play, to continue being sold despite a rising death toll. At one point, the CPSC blamed the problem on parents failing to properly strap in their babies. The agency knew of at least 32 deaths by the time Fisher-Price pulled the product from the market in April — sparking outrage over both the delayed reaction by regulators and the loss of a product that many parents said actually got their babies to sleep.

The death toll eventually reached 59 babies — and still no clear explanation for what went wrong, the CPSC said.

Source: Study finds design of Rock ’n Play, other infant sleepers led to deaths – The Washington Post