Wow, the pervasiveness of the chemicals in cigarettes means that they have a far more profound effect than we realise –

A new study out of Yale University says thirdhand smoke — the tobacco contaminants that adhere to walls, bedding, carpet and other surfaces until a room smells like an ashtray — can actually cling to a smoker’s body and clothes as well.

Despite new regulations, FDA still fails to protect youth from e-cigarette epidemic, American Lung Association says.

Even more disturbing: The study found those chemical exposure levels could be the equivalent of between one and 10 cigarettes by the end of the movie.

“People are substantial carriers of thirdhand smoke contaminants to other environments,” said study author Drew Gentner, an associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering at Yale.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, may be the first to show that people can transmit nicotine and other potentially toxic chemicals via their clothing after smoking, he said.

Source: Thirdhand smoke from clothes can deposit hazardous chemicals, study says – CNN