The pandemic’s effect on births is unexpected in one way! –

A reported dramatic drop in the number of early pre-term babies born during COVID-19 lockdown has doctors all over the world pondering: how big a factor is stress on the timing of births?

In Ireland and Denmark, doctors have observed that the number of babies born prematurely plummeted during the coronavirus lockdown in April and March, but the reasons remain a curious mystery.

“When things are stressful women do one of two things, they either birth the baby quickly or they keep the baby in” said Hannah Dahlen, Professor of Midwifery at Western Sydney University.

“It probably dates backs to the ancient roots. If you were out in the desert and you were going to be potentially attacked by wild animals, you want have the baby quickly and run or you want to keep the baby in and run.”

So, are women keeping their babies in psychologically until it’s safe time to let them out?”

Source: ‘Why are the nurseries so quiet?’ Global research observes drop in premature births in lockdown