Phew! Why worrying about being a perfect parent is a waste of time 🙂 –

Relax, worried parents. You don’t have to do everything perfectly with your baby. In fact, if you get things right about half of the time, according to research, your child will turn out fine.

The study, led by Lehigh University researcher Susan S. Woodhouse, an expert on infant attachment, concerned caregivers’ response to babies when they cried. You only needed to “get it right” 50% of the time when responding to the babies’ need for attachment to have a positive impact on the baby, researchers found. The findings were published in the journal Child Development and co-authored with researchers from Pennsylvania State University and the University of Maryland.

Securely-attached babies – meaning babies who feel safe –  are likely to do better as children or adults. Secure attachment is also linked to better mental health in both childhood and adulthood, as well as an increased readiness for starting school.

Source: You only need to get it right with your baby 50% of the time, according to science